So, OOcup/2014 is over. Thanks to all the participants and the organizers for making this event a success!

Next year OOcup will have completely different concept, with only one Finish arena and improvised camping right there, parallel afternoon fun race series and plenty of chances to socialize. But you will found out more about it all a bit later on.

The last start at Menina planina. Finally with the nice view over Savinja Alps

Overall results like always at OrienteeringOnline.net


Second stage already behind us. Hope you enjoyed Menina planina! Tomorrow something much easier and shorter on the menu, but after that Stage 4 comes. Get ready :)!

Finish arena Menina planina

Some photos from Stage 1 can be seen on our Facebook page

Results after each stage at OrienteeringOnline.net


Results after each stage will be on OrienteeringOnline.net


Start list!



Bulletin with course lengths and other information is now online.



OOCup/2014 is approaching quickly and here are the coordinates of Competition center:

Competition center; Horse Farm Burger Veniše: 46.297621, 14.914346
Link: Burger Veniše
Competition office will open on July 31st at 10:00 and will be open till 20:00.
In order to avoid queues we recommend taking your material on July 31st, but it is also possible to do it at Stage 1, August 1st.

Official training, Stage 1 and Stage 4 parking: 46.286413, 14.677608
Link: Rakove ravni under Velika planina

There is a 1300m with 250m climb walk from Parking to Stage 1 Finish area (Jarški dom na Mali planini). It will be possible to get your heavy stuff transported from parking to Finish area, free of charge. For Training and Stage 4 no extra walking is neccessary. On Stage 4 a shuttle bus will take you from Finish area to Start and back when you finish the race.

Stages 2 and 5 coordinates: 46.262641, 14.819306 Link: Menina planina

Stage 3 coordinates: 46.311141, 15.023275 Link: Letuš

Those of you who still have not paid for the entry fees, please do so ASAP, since entrants with non-paid entry fees will not appear on the start lists (which will be made on July 24th)!

Herdsman on Velika planina (Stages 1 and 4)

One week before event we will publish start lists and the Bulletin.


Two weeks till main entry deadline! Currently we have a bit less than 700 entries and as things stand now we hope for the final number between 800 and 900!

Menina planina sample


Photo of the herdsmen's hut just some 300m from the Finish area Stage 1...:

Herdsmen's hut on Mala planina


We've been pretty busy lately, mainly with organizing Lipica Open and training camps, all of which have concluded in a nice success story! Around 1250 runners at the peak Stages (weekend), 300 competing all stages and about 200 people on training camp. The best part is always to see satisfied orienteers at the end of the competition / trainng camp. Hard work pays off! And you may rest assured we'll do our best to even improve training conditions in Lipica area in the coming years!

OOCup and Bubo cup are in our focus now. Bubo cup will be an event that hardcore orienteers would not want to miss. Possibility to camp right next to Finish area (on budget price) of all 5 stages will be offered as well as afternoon trainings in nearby Mala lazna. Of 5 competition areas 3 will be completely new while 2 have been used only once (OOCup 2011). Superb karst terrain. And of course you can always combine Bubo cup with OOcup!

OOCup Stage 4; tough, wild and beautiful (as Norwegian O-slogan says...)

OOCup on the other hand will offer not only great orienteering but also an aesthetic experience to remember. Unlike Bubo cup, stages at OOcup will be more dispersed, but will also offer more variety and more spectacular venues and views on courses. We will take you to the corners, sometimes a bit isolated like Menina planina, which you would probably never find if it wasn't for OOCup :)!


Still winter up on Velika planina...

Velika planina herdsmen settlement in winter time

...we're waiting for spring:

Tiha dolina forest (Velika planina norh)


First wave of accommodation offer is here:

1. Farm Burger Venise

This will be the event center of OOCup/2014 and also the place of Barbecue party and Beer relay on evening after 3rd stage.
The following capacities on the farm are available for booking through us:

1. Hotel (cca. 50 beds)
2. Apartments (cca. 20 beds)
3. Parking for mobile homes (unlimited)
4. Improvised camping space (for up to 50 persons)

Aerial photo of Burger Farm

2. Menina camping

Apart from improvised camping at the event center, we also offer discounted prices in Menina camping (1 EUR off per person). There we prebooked 30 parcels (for up to 100 people):

Aerial photo of Menina camping

Apart from the two main providers mentioned above we also have more apartments and cheaper private rooms on offer.

Feel free to contact us at oocup.accommodation@gmail.com. First come first served!


We have added info about refunding in Faq section.
Note that in 2014 all fees are to be paid in advance (within 7 days after corresponding deadline).


Velika planina is nicest in summer time, but it's not bad even in winter!
We wish you nice holidays and all the best in 2014!

Velika planina west


Some rather important changes regarding fees comparing to previous years: after some years we have changed entry fees as you can now see in Invitation section. Classes MW18 and older are now a bit more expensive than before, but for younger classes (up to and including MW16) we now only have 1 fee for 3 deadlines and this fee remained the same as previous years. Also we are canceling Parking tickets and official training will be free of charge. MW16 was added to cheaper fees, compared to previous years.

Another important change is that only entries with prepaid fees will be valid. However, fees will be partly refundable (up to 90%). More about refund policy to follow.

From now on it is also possible to pay by Credit card via PayPal. However this option was opened mostly for participants from countries where they have to pay high banking fees for transactions to our Slovenian account.

Lastly, do not forget that in 2014 entries will be limited to 1250 participants!


IMPORTANT: Entry limit in 2014 is 1250 participants!


Website is now updated, the few missing data to follow. Until then enjoy the trailer for OOCup/2014!


Mapping is in full swing... After Menina planina sample, here is nice new part from Velika planina. And a photo too.

Nice little part in Velika planina north

Velika planina forest at about 1450m a.s.l.

Note that info on the website is still not updated, but should be in the course of the next week...

Stay tuned!


You liked OOCup/2013? Then you'll probably like OOCup/2014 even better :)!

In September we will publish information about OOCup 2014 (1st - 5th August). We are moving to Kamnik Savinja Alps. 4 of 5 races will be held up at about 1500m a.s.l. Plenty of new maps and some totally new areas. Terrain ranging from extremely detailed to more gentle and faster runnable. Like for example Menina planina. Below is a sample:

Terrain on Menina planina is ranging from open areas to runnable forest.

And a photo from the area shown on above map.

But don't forget that already in early March you can get a full taste of Slovenian karst terrain at Lipica Open. Lipica Open is an event with tradition longer than 20 years, however it is only since 2012 that it is organized by the same crew as OOCup, which means you can expect equal quality standard as at OOCup.

Lipica Open map sample.


KB Challenge
Late in February 2014 we will organize together with our Croatian friends a small but hopefully very nice promotional event on Cres island in Adriatic. Some great terrain and top maps. Entry fees are donation based which means you pay as much you believe it's worth. Here you can find out more!

Logar valley!
Logar valley is a beautiful alpine valley at the very beginning of the river Savinja. From there you can visit Rinka waterfall, take a long hike or just a short walk in beautiful surroundings. Here you can find out more!