OK, this was fast! UPDATED!

Update 19:46

All day mapping, now finally at the computer. So, here are the actual first 10 entries, in case you were wondering how well you did :):

  1. Jussi Jääoja 00:00:02.147
  2. Lukáš Kettner 00:00:07.553
  3. Pavel Kettner 00:00:07.617
  4. Vojtěch Kettner 00:00:07.663
  5. Lenka Kettnerová 00:00:07.710
  6. Martin Janata 00:00:08.960
  7. Lucie Janatová 00:00:09.020
  8. Jan Kolín 00:00:09.070
  9. Kristýna Kolínová 00:00:09.130
  10. Olena Panchenko 00:00:13.100

Some of you were extremely fast :). And the fastest of the fastest was – Jussi Jääoja of Paimion Rasti! Congratulations!

And finally a nice surprise for all of you who in fact waited till midnight to make entry for OOcup. All 32 entrants (as of 00:25) will get the 20€ discount! If you’re happy, we’re happy too and we’ll be even happier if you make some promotion for us in your country :)!

The following list is sorted by alphabet. Tomorrow we’ll check OO register and publish the first 10, just for fun.