Training camp just before OOcup

3 groups (mostly youngsters) from Czech Republic and Germany (alltogether cca. 100 persons) will be training in Lokve/Mala lazna area prior to OOcup/2016! Feel free to join them. It is possible to take part in this camp for budget price of 27€ for Full board + 2 training sessions per day. A price hard to beat! Accommodation and food will be organized in the Student dormitory in Ajdovščina.

Optionally, sessions Lokve and Mala lazna areas can be combined also with 1-2 sessions in Lipica area, plus possibility to do a sprint training at at Adriatic coast (Koper, Izola, Piran).

Terrain around Lokve have been chosen for training camp by French national team (2011), Austrian National team (2014) and Danish national team (2016!) and many smaller groups/clubs…

Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us!