Just 3 weeks till OOcup/2016! With over 1800 entries this will be the biggest OOcup so far.

We have some important pieces of information to share with you:

A) On July 30th Russian president Vladimir Putin will visit Russian chapel close to Kranjska gora in Slovenia. Due to this visit some strong security measures will be taken in the area and that will affect OOcup/2016 in the following ways:

  • Compulsory parking for all competitors for stages 2. & 3. (Laghi di Fusine) is changed from Kranjska gora to Nordic center Planica.
  • On July 29th some security measures are supposed to be taken in Kranjska gora and its vicinity (we do not know exactly what measures will be taken, but they were enough for town to cancel our already obtained permission to use parking in Kranjska gora.)
  • On July 30th (stage 4) the road Kranjska gora – Jesenice will be closed. Unfortunately, due to security measures, it is not possible for us to find out exactly when the road will be closed, but it should happen in two intervals between 7:00 and 14:00. Since many competitors will be accommodated in Kranjska gora and its surroundings, we decided to have first start of the fourth stage at 16:00. That should help them to come to event in time. Start interval within course on this day will be 1 minute!
  • Stages 4 and 5 are swapped and stage 5 (formerly 4) is changed from Long to longer Middle / shorter Long.

B) At stages 2 & 3 compulsory parking and shuttle buses are to be used by ALL COMPETITORS, except those coming by bus with over 30 passangers. Parking will be organized in Planica nordic center. All competitors will get a special bracelet on the bus and they should wear it until they start. No bracelet – no start!

C) For different reasons, the time of first start will not be the same on all days. We will do it like this:

  • Stage 1, Austria: 10:00
  • Stage 2, Italy: 9:00
  • Stage 3, Italy: 9:00
  • Stage 4, Slovenia: 16:00
  • Stage 5, Slovenia: 10:00

D) Map with positions of parking is here.