OOCup is just about to start

In some hours event center in Tarvisio opens!

Here some info about training:

  1. As written in the Bulletin, both trainings will be open from 10:00 to 20:00
  2. Training maps for training in Austria will be available in Alpenarena bar close to parking (see the Bulletin, whereabouts section)
  3. Training maps for for training on Soriška planina will be available in ‘Litostrojska koča‘ mountain hut.

And do not forget:

  1. Stages 2 & 3 parking is in Planica! Shuttle bus will take you to Finish arena. Upon registration do not forget to take Parking ticket for Planica.
  2. Follow this site for any possible news about traffic situation on 30th July (Stage 4).

Results and splits will be published each day after the race at OrienteeringOnline!
Hopefully we will publish some photos after each stage on our Facebook page.
W21E/M21E maps will be published on this website after each stage.

Lastly, here is a list of happenings in Tarvisio during OOCup. As our Italian friends noted, one of the highlights is concert of Gianna Nannini, singer very famous (not just) in Italy, on July 29th in Tarvisio!