OOcup 5 days, 3 countries is now history

A bit strange feelings to finish this project which occupied our minds for such a long time. It was definitely the most complicated OOcup to organize, but seeing your reactions after the race looks like it was worth it! Thank you very much for coming and being part of the biggest OOcup so far!

Big thanks goes also to Commune di Tarvisio, Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, our orienteering friends from Italy and Austria and of course the members of the OOCup team, which is by the way, an extraordinary mix of youth and experience.

Final results are published at OrienteeringOnline, many nice photos you can find on our Facebook page.

Next year OOcup will be organized in fine karst areas south of Ljubljana. It will be nice!

In spring of 2017 you can join us at:

Lipica open 11. – 15. March
Easter4 14. – 17. April

Both of this events will offer some high quality orienteering! More info to be published in September.



See you around,