At us you can book:

  • Hotel Rakitna BB in double room 49€/person/night, BB in single room 79€/night, BB in 4-bed apartment 156€/night
  • Hostel 24 Bloke 2-bed, 3-bed & 4-bed rooms, 16€/person/night + TT
  • Hostel 24 Ljubljana from 13€/person/night + TT
  • BIT Hostel Ljubljana from 15,5€/person/night + TT
  • Youth climate health center Rakitna, 2 to 8-bed rooms, FB 30€/person/night
  • Apartments Jezero, Cerknica 2+2 apartment 82€/app/night, 4-bed room 66€/room/night
  • Inn Mesec, Zaplana 2-bed room 49€/room/night
  • Inn Jeršin, Logatec 2-bed, 3-bed & 4-bed rooms, 22€/person/night + TT
  • Tourist Farm Žnidarjevi, Cerknica 3-bed room BB 26€/person/night, HB 38€/person/night, FB 44€/person/night,
  • Apartments Grmek, Postojna 5-bed apartment, 45€/2/night persons + 15€/night/each additional person
  • Rooms Jurca, Postojna 2-bed room 20€/person/night + TT
  • Apartments Šefic, Planina 4-6 bed apartment, 20€/person/night + TT
  • House Miškar, Žerovnica village, 3-bed room 25€/person/night + TT

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