• Information:
  • Date: 24. – 28. July 2017
  • Venue: Ljubljana (areas around Jezero and Rakitna villages)
  • Event type: 5 day event
  • Maps: 1:7500, 1:10000, 2017
  • Punching: Sportident, SI chips can be rented for the price of 10EUR for all 5days (or 2EUR per stage).
  • First start: 10:00 all days
  • Classes: M10, M10-shadowed, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M21A Long, M21A Short, M21B, M21E, M21 ULTIMATE, M35, M35 ULTIMATE, M40, M45, M50, M50 ULTIMATE, M55, M60, M65, M70, W10, W10-shadowed, W12, W14, W16, W18, W20, W21A Long, W21A Short, W21B, W21E, W21 ULTIMATE, W35, W35 ULTIMATE, W40, W45, W50, W50 ULTIMATE W55, W60, W65, W70, OPEN A, OPEN B, OPEN C, Beginners, KIDS’ COURSE

OPEN A: Difficult (similar to M35). OPEN B: Medium difficulty (similar to W18). OPEN C: Easy (similar to W14). For Beginners, Shadowed and OPEN classes there will be no prizes and therefore no prize giving ceremony.

  • Entries: at OrienteeringOnline from December 1st, 2016 to July 1st, 2017
  • Start fees: 

IMPORTANT! Start fee includes:
shuttle bus rides during some of the stages
free of charge parking at all stages
1 free of charge training map
with full 5-days entry you are entitled to special discount at Bubo cup (see below)

 till 15.03.2017till 20.06.2017till 10.07.2017
MW18 and older70€/all 5 stages
80€/all 5 stages
90€/all 5 stages
up to and including MW1650€/all 5 stages
50€/all 5 stages
50€/all 5 stages
OPEN70€/all 5 stages
70€/all 5 stages
70€/all 5 stages
Beginners50€/all 5 stages
50€/all 5 stages
50€/all 5 stages
KID'S coursegratisgratisgratis

Entry is only valid after it’s paid. The payments should be done at latest within 3 days after the deadline in which it was submitted and to the account below:

IBAN: SI56 0202 5025 9973 102
Bank: Nova Ljubljanska banka

Cankarjeva cesta 8
1370 Logatec

It is also possible to pay by Credit Card via PayPal. This option is opened mostly for participants from countries outside SEPA, which have to pay high banking fees. If you want to pay by Credit Card give us a note at:!

  • Childcare: Parents may ask for separate start in the Special comment column in online entry form. There will be a tent with toys available, kids under 3 years should be accompanied by their parents.
  • Bus transport Ljubljana – Finish areas is available for 35€ for all 5 days. CLICK TO SEE PICK UP LOCATION.
  • BUBO cup participants: All OOCup runners (who enter and pay for all 5 stages) will have special discounted prices at Bubo cup 4 days!