Don’t forget – we have a summer race in Slovenia as well :)!

OOcup/2018 will be great and definitely not an event to miss. However, just 2 weeks before OOcup, you can join us also at Bubo cup! 5 day race in Kras region in Slovenia, right next to Adriatic coast. Along with some exciting karst stages, one race will be held in coastal town of Isola!

Here are some map samples for Bubo cup, so that you know what we are talking about :):

Krajna vas area:


Izola, small but intricate town at Adriatic coast:

Medical certificate

As noted in Invitation section, all competitors competing in OOcup’s competitive classes must either hold a FFCO licence or a Medical certificate of no contraindication to participate in competitive orienteering event, not older than 1 year. You may, but are not obliged to, use this certificate form: OOcup 2018 Medical certificate. In case you use your own certificate form, please make sure that all the necessary data is there..

And a photo of Ain countryside…

IMPORTANT NOTE: Entry fees payment

Please note that banking details have been published at Invitation section. It is now possible to pay entry fees for OOcup/2018.  Looking forward to see you in wonderful Ain (France).

Banking details:

IBAN: SI56 0202 5025 9973 102
Bank: Nova Ljubljanska banka

Cankarjeva cesta 8
1370 Logatec

Entries are now open

You can now make entry to OOcup/2018! Please note that for easier accounting we will start accepting payments at the beginning of 2018.

In the meanwhile, we paid another visit to France some 2 weeks ago and again everything looked very fine. Friendly orienteers, great forests and beautiful countryside painted with autumn colors. Just really, really nice.

We are a bit ahead with preparations compared with our normal timing, which is a great sign. Maps are made, start places and Finish points chosen, main courses roughly planned. Of course, there is still a lot to do.

For now you can enjoy our little video, which we made during some spare time in amazing forest of Les plans d’Hotonnes:




2018 – South Jura mountains, France

As you probably already know, OOcup/2018 will take place in South Jura mountains of Ain region in France with competition center in Hauteville – Lompnes town. We will update this website with more information later on, after our hopefully deserved break.

OOcup/2018 terrain. Photo by Daniel Lebar.

OOcup/2018 scenery, Photo by Daniel Lebar.

OOcup/2017 is now history.

The last five days have passed really quickly. We hope that you enjoyed terrain, maps and courses that we provided this year. We tried to present the forests south of Ljubljana in the best way possible. Thanks to all the organizers and participants for making one more nice edition of OOcup. Big thanks goes also to local communities who had patience with us and supported us in different ways.


In next year (July 25. – 29. 2018) we are taking you to South Jura mountains in Ain region in France. More precisely, areas close to Hauteville-Lompnes. Brand new maps are already prepared and we can say that terrain there definitely lives up to OOcup reputation. It will be great! More info in late September…


See you,